Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Pictures

We had our pictures taken Sunday by my talented friend Stacey Rygh.

Bless her heart as she was very patient with us and we had to reschedule multiple times due to illnesses, cruddy weather, and such.

These were supposed to be Isaac's one year pictures.

He is now almost 15 months old. 

Oh well, not too bad for the third kid I think.

Plus I did try to do it multiple times before and it just wasn't going to happen.

Finally it was a beautiful day on Sunday, perfect for pictures. 

I think they went very well and I was excited to see how they turned out. 

I love how Stacey is able to truly capture our personalities just so. 

Thanks again Stacey!

I will be posting some on here when I get the CD, 
but until then you can enjoy a sneak peek at her website.  

Dont' forget to click back at the older posts to see more too!

They are all probably going to be my favorite, but Elijah was pretty thrilled that she captured his "super moves on the swing" and thinks we should blow that one up and put it on the wall in the living room.

I told him I would definitely put that one up.

He wanted it to cover the whole wall. 

Love that kid.

I am such a sentimental fool that I teared up looking at them all. 

I am sure blessed.

May have to change my blog to Blessed with Boys.

Unless I suppose this 4th little one is in fact a girl and then I would have to reconsider.

Either way I am one lucky lady to be living with all these boys (and 1 man).

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