Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Surprise!

I have been feeling so blessed as I reflect on the joy of Motherhood.

Wow! I have 3 beautiful, healthy, wonderful boys and 1 more sweet baby on the way.

I have an amazing husband who encourages, supports, and keeps me going when I don't think I can do it after a rough mommy day.

I have my own fabulous Mother who lives just a few minutes away and I can't imagine life without.

I have a great Mother-in-law who did a wonderful job raising the man I call my husband.

I spent the weekend of Mother's Day working and was overwhelmed by the way all my boys made me feel so special despite only seeing me for a few hours on Mother's Day.

After school on Friday Jonah presented me with a gift he had made at school.

His proud, beaming smile was priceless as he handed this to me...

He wanted me to open it right then so I did and this is what I found...

Homemade stationary!

He said I could use it to write "notes" to my friends. (Something I love to do)

Isn't that precious?

After working all night Saturday night I came home Sunday morning to hugs and kisses at the door and waffles ready to be devoured. 


Before I headed to bed for the day, Richard told me they had a surprise for me but I couldn't have it until I woke up.

I was quite curious, but had no idea I would wake up to all 4 of my boys planting flowers for me!

(Our camera is MIA so I didn't get a pic of them all working hard planting, but it brought tears to my eyes for sure!

They planted flowers around our light pole in the front yard...

Hung a planter by the front door...

Put another one by the front door...

The purple flower pots were hand decorated by Jonah and Elijah and the 3 individual flowers are from each boy (Grandma Teresa helped them plant them)

This picture is from my cell phone so it's hard to see, but isn't it nice?

They also hung a hummingbird feeder from the archway in the above picture to the left.

I had prepped the boys a few days before and told them to ask daddy to get me a flower for Mother's Day.  I was hoping for a single tulip or daisy. 

What a perfect Mother's Day surprise!!!!!!

I know how much work it is to haul all 3 kiddos anywhere let alone to buy flowers, then to plant them!

Thank you boys!!!!

They also said they wanted to buy a tree for the backyard for Mother's Day, but that I could help pick it out.  I feel like one special Momma!

We were also able to squeeze in a fast supper at the Blue Moose 
before I headed off to work for the night.  

I didn't get a picture of all 3 boys and myself, but hoping to this weekend. 

Thank you so much boys for the wonderful surprise!
 I love you all and am so thankful to be your Mommy/Wife!

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