Friday, April 29, 2011

Third Child Syndrome

Poor Isaac.

Third child syndrome is in full force at our house.

This is pretty hard for me.

Remember my control issues.  Well, those issues are deeply rooted into mothering. 

Richard doesn't call me a Momma Bear for nothing. 

While this 3rd child syndrome did begin well before I was pregnant,
it has been a lot worse the past few months.

I have had zero energy and been operating in survival mode while I ride out the worst of this pregnancy, puking, nauseous, and thankful for independent boys and Zofran.

Third child syndrome may be described as a parent becoming less worried about what could happen to his or her child due to the experience of parenting other children. 

It may be best described by some examples:

1. Isaac is the first child in our home who has not only tasted, but eaten sweets and junk multiple times.
(We do feed him nutritious meals, but I am pretty sure the other 2 didn't even know cheetos, ice cream, or cookies existed until they were quite older)

3. Isaac has proven to be a climber. Believe it or not, our first! 
This has been hard for me, but rather than freak out when I find him doing this...

(The picture is pretty blurry sorry, but he has just been standing on the table)

or this...

or this

I instead take a picture! 

Now, at first he would use the ottoman to climb up onto the coffee table or couches by pushing it close.

So we barricaded it with chairs.

Isaac just laughed at me.

Instead he has proven to have inherited determination and has figured out how to get up onto both without the assistance of anything else!

The coffee table hits him about nipple line so this is quite remarkable...and nerve wracking. 

The worst part about it, is he is so stinkin' proud of himself when he gets up there he just beams, smiles and starts clapping. 

He doesn't seem bothered by any discipline he has received for these feats either. 

A little slap on the hand or being held down for a 1 minute time out doesn't phase him!


He may give us a run for our money, lots of gray hair and keep us in shape as we chase him around!

He is also quite the momma's boy and has noticed when I spend time snuggling with his big brothers.

By noticed I mean he comes screaming over to us and starts hitting or pulling them away from me with a scowl on his face!

We are working on sharing.

Despite the fact that he won't be my baby for much longer, I still have a hard time thinking of him as a "big boy" and want to just keep him small forever.

I have been praying for strength to be consistent and to not let things get too out of control while I am anxiously waiting to start feeling better.

Does this syndrome last forever?

I am sure to some extent.

I guess only time will tell.

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