Monday, April 11, 2011

Growing up too fast!

I am behind on blogging, but I finally got Isaac in for his 1 year check up ( a month late) and Jonah in for his 6 year check up a few months late. 

Isaac was 25 lbs 13 oz and 32 1/2 inches long! Yowza! Our biggest and longest 1 year old yet!

Jonah was 53.2 lbs and 49 inches tall! 

Hard to believe some day I will be the shortest one in my family! I rarely feel short around others and am not sure what that will be like. 

Here is a fun picture of Isaac. He is growing up too fast, could someone tell him to slow down?


Katie said...

Is his shirt telling us something?! And WOW--Eden is just now 25 lbs and 33" tall and she will be 2 in June-- you are going to have yourself some tall boys!

Krisanne said...

I wondered the same thing - do you have news to share?!?!? He's a cutie!!!