Monday, April 4, 2011

Duct Tape works for everything

Last week a nasty stomach virus was kicking my butt and while I was making multiple trips from the couch to the bathroom, I asked the older boys to keep an eye on Isaac while I was in there. 

Now, I know this is no easy task as the one thing 13 month old Isaac doesn't do all day is stay still for very long.

They were snuggled up on the couch playing Jonah's leapster together.

They sweetly responded, "Sure mom!"

My heart melted a little and I shared one of those proud Mom moments with myself.

As soon as I was in the bathroom I overheard the following conversation that made me a little nervous:

(I am not sure who said what so I will refer to Jonah and Elijah as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for this dialogue)

Thing 1: Ok, we have to get Isaac to stay still.

Thing 2: Why?

Thing 1: So we can keep playing the Leapster AND watch him like mom said.

Thing 1: We could just hold him down?

Thing 2: No, he'll just scream.

Thing 1: Hey, we could tell him to sit down and duct tape his legs to the floor!

Thing 2: Good idea! Except won't mom get mad?

Thing 1: Not if we put some fruit loops by him and his milk. 

Thing 2: Brilliant!

Needless to say my proud mom moment from earlier was slightly crushed by the grand plan for duct taping their baby brother to the floor!  I did find their idea creative and at least they were going to leave him some snacks? 

I hid the duct tape after this and found some new distractions for Isaac while I sprinted back and forth from the bathroom. 

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Cindy and company said...

Love it! And, being the super mom that I am, I would've gotten the video camera ready and then allowed them to try it! Makes me think of Thomas at that age. I clearly remember him telling me, "Mom, sticky tape fixes everything!" Fun stuff!