Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In another life

How many times have you wished you possessed a talent or hobby that you don't currently have?

There are many things I wish I was better at or even remotely good at.

Now, we have all had those moments when a friend is showing you some fantabulous scrapbook that she has put together, or a photograph she has taken, or an adorable dress she has sewn for her child and you think about the empty scrapbooks you own in a dust covered bin in a closet, the pictures you have taken that are precious to you but won't win any awards, and the fact that you can't even fix a hole in a sock if you had to.

I am not talking about jealousy here, as I am sure that happens too.

God has just blessed us all with different talents, hobbies, etc

I really do enjoy rejoicing with my friends over their talents.

What used to stress me out, now has become a little game I play.

Rather than become overwhelmed by what I can't do, I think of what I would do in another life.

Now, this is funny/entertaining because 
1) I don't believe I will have another life (here on earth) and

2) It is a positive way to dream about having hobbies that I could possibly possess if I took the time, I mean made the time, I mean planned to take up when my kids are older?

Plus if I put them down on here, maybe I will be inspired to actually attempt some of them!

So in no specific order here they are:

If I could sew, I might make super cute things like these pacifier clips from this blog:

(If you are a seamstress you could click here for step by step instructions and make them yourself)

I am also in love with this bag from The Polka Dot Chair:

Isn't it so fun?

The flower is so cute and girlie!

(If you are a super savvy sewing sweetie you could purchase the pattern for only $5 here)

Or maybe I would take pictures like these lovely ladies I know:
Monica, Stacey, and Emily.

Or I might even take up skydiving. I have always wanted to go and have to say it is on my bucket list.

I would also like to run a marathon, but Richard would be the first one to tell you how much I despise running, so that probably won't happen.

I would also like to learn how to play the guitar.

These are just a few of my "in another life" dreams...for now I will attempt to keep up with my family of busy boys and dream about what I may do another day.

So what hobbies, talents, or things do you wish you could do?

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