Monday, March 7, 2011

It's funny now, but it sure wasn't then.

Do you ever have one of those days where anything that could go wrong does, and it feels as though nothing could possibly go right? 

Saturday was that day for our family.

(It seems like on these days anxiety levels are high, things are easily frustrating, and situations are slightly blown out of proportion.)


We were planning on leaving early that morning and driving to Minneapolis to visit our friends Clint and Katy.  We had talked Friday night and due to some sick kiddos at their house, we weren't sure if we were still going. 

Saturday morning rolled around and we had decided we should just stay home. I had done a little packing the night before, but a crazy week at our house and spoiled my BIG plans to be prepared to leave by 8am. 

Katy called me Saturday am and said we should come so we quickly started getting things put together to get on the road. 

Looking back I am not sure why I wasn't more alarmed at the warning signs...

While we were packing/getting ready Isaac was a lot fussier than usual, 
and wasn't interested in breakfast (red flag #1 and #2)

We just kept on getting stuff packed and ready. 

Due to the rushed nature of the morning I was feeling a bit frazzled and kept forgetting things.

(I was of course very calm, patient, and not stressed while we were frantically running around)

Just ask Richard. 

FINALLY we were packed and in the car (1030am)

Isaac had been ready for a nap for awhile, but we had been holding him off so he would nap in the car.

So, when I offered him a bottle, and he didn't really drink much, 
I figured he was just overly tired (red flag #3)

We had to make a pit stop at my parents house on the way out of town to borrow their DVD player as ours hadn't been working in the car. Then we decided to get the car washed quick. 

Richard pulled into the carwash and followed the prompts from the automated person and we sat back to enjoy the car wash, ( a cheap thrill for our boys).

(I also should say that the car wash was not easily accessible, and we had to pull forward, back up, pull forward, etc to get to it)

After our car was sprayed with water and then covered with the multi-colored soap the rotating arm got caught on our mirror and stopped the car wash. 

So Richard pulled out of the carwash (with our car covered in soap) and had to run inside to have the clerk give us a new code so we could try again. 

So we took our rainbow van back through again and we successfully completed the car wash. 

Now it is 11:15 and I realized we forgot our Garmin at home. 

Richard sweetly agreed to head home and look for it. 

After a 10 minute search, we were unable to locate it and Isaac had fallen asleep so we finally hit the road (11:30)

The trip to Fargo was fairly uneventful, other than keeping the boys' volume down so Isaac could sleep. 

As we started passing the exits for Fargo I suggested we just grab lunch (as it's now 12:30) and figured the boys would be hungry before the next major stop. 

So we agreed on Arby's...a little late so Richard took the next exit, went back around and we pulled in for some lunch. 

Due to some miscommunication, he headed inside and waited for me to come in, while I sat in the car and waited for him to come out. 

We finally got our story straight and went in to order. 

The employee running the till misunderstood Richard when he asked for 2 kids meals and after we got our order we had to order another one. 

We had everyone set up with their lunch, the boys were watching another movie and Isaac had just woken up. 

I tried to offer him something to eat and he kept shaking his head no at me (red flag #4)

Despite being 4 hours away from our destination still, I was just starting to feel relax and breath easier.

Then it happened. 

Isaac looked right at me and without using any words confirmed my worst fears. 

His sweet, sad, blue eyes told me he wasn't feeling good.

At this exact moment all the red flags from the day became evident and before I could react he started throwing up all over himself. 

Now, I won't go in to great details here because it makes me queasy just thinking about it, but it was nasty!  I have fortunately not had to clean up a child covered in vomit in the car quite like that before. 

Poor Richard was driving and I was yelling at him to pull over at the next exit, while trying to decide how I was even going to start to clean up this mess, and keep the boys in the backseat distracted so they didn't get sick. 

Looking back, it was truly a miracle they didn't hear or smell their brother's final flag of defeat being waved. 

They were watching a movie and enjoying their chicken nuggets. Thank you Jesus for distractions.

We also were thankful that we hadn't passed the last exit for Moorhead and were familiar with the area (this is where my baby sister goes to college and where my family and celebrated Isaac's first birthday a few weeks ago).

After a valiant clean up effort by Richard and myself that involved: 

-using almost an entire package of baby wipes

-carrying my naked baby, wrapped only in a blanket, into a gas station full of people only to discover they only had an outside bathroom and bringing him back to the car to drive across the street to a hotel

-carrying my naked baby into the hotel (again full of curious people) into the women's restroom and bathing him in the smallest sink known to mankind. Using a blanket for a towel and laying my giant baby down between the sinks to dress him.

-Buying some towels for Isaac to sit on (as his seat was soaked from our clean up efforts), garbage bags for the dirty items, and air freshener (so the rest of us wouldn't be sick from the smell) at the Walgreen's next door.

Then we hit the road, only this time we were headed back home again. 

We had to call Clint and Katy and tell them we wouldn't be making it, and explain to our tearful boys why we couldn't still go to Minneapolis.  It was hard, but I am just thankful it happened so close to home and before we made it to their house to share our germs!

Poor Isaac slept all the way home and the boys enjoyed another movie. 

Then we got home (4 hours after we had left), unpacked the car, and set up the sick ward for Isaac.

As if that wasn't enough of an adventure, Richard went to change the oil in his pickup and during the process managed to spill oil all over and run into some minor road blocks. 

Just as he was thinking of heading to Minneapolis alone a few hours later, Isaac threw up again and Elijah started feeling sick. 

So he decided to stay and help me care for the sick house. 

We were unable to keep much in Isaac but he did enjoy a Mr. Freeze during the rehydration process. 
He was so lethargic and would just let you hold him.

It was weird, but kind of nice at the same time. 

I think he is starting to feel better today.  He was still whiney, feverish, clingy, and not quite himself.

I did find him with some of his brother's valentine candy this afternoon...

I think it's safe to say he is almost back to normal. 

Elijah and I are the only others who have been "hit" by this virus. 

Praying it stays that way and everyone starts feeling better soon. 

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh on our behalf. 

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