Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bieber Fever

Jonah had an ice cream social at school during the book fair last week. 

He and I had checked out the book fair a few times during the week and had purchased some books.

The ice cream social was from 7 to 8pm which is bed time for almost everyone, so Jonah and I took off around 7 and decided we would enjoy some ice cream and be back home faster than if we all went. 

The ice cream social was in the lunch room and we got our ice cream, loaded it with toppings and Jonah picked a seat at a table with a few older girls at the other end. 

He was looking around trying to find some of his classmates and I looked over and saw the 2 girls next to us giggling and drooling over this poster

I chuckled to myself remembering days when I would giggle with my friends about these cuties:

(who really don't seem cute at all now....funny how that works)

I am not "up" on the popular songs and artists these days and would not be able to pick Justin Bieber out of a line up or name any of his songs. 

But, the poster did have his name on it and I have heard of the "Bieber Fever" going around.

Jonah noticed me smiling and asked what I was thinking about.

I told him I remembered looking at a poster with my girlfriends and giggling like those girls. 

He rolled his eyes and said, "do you think they love him too?"

I asked him if he even knew who was on that poster.

He rolled his eyes again and said, "Justin Bieber."

I was shocked! How does my sweet 6 year old know who Justin Bieber is?

When I asked Jonah how he knew who Justin Bieber was he laughed and said, "all the girls in my class want to marry him mom! They are in LOVE with him!"

Then he leaned closer and whispered, "I don't think they know he is A LOT older than them so that probably won't happen."

I guess you can get Bieber Fever in Kindergarten too!

Oh Jonah, I love your practical mind and wonder if you will ever have a celebrity crush?

Probably not. Well, maybe if she was a superhero. Either way, you are adorable and I love you! 

 I love how you spell everything these days " Y-E-S  M-O-M" is your response to most requests I make.

I also love the codes you use for things like "C-nator = cold lunch"

I am very impressed by your cup stacking skills, which you said Conner taught you at school. (We will have to get a video of this up here, it is quite impressive)

Mostly Jonah I have been so impressed by your love for learning and your impressionable nature. 

You have come home from school and demanded we throw out all the water wings because you learned they aren't as safe as life jackets.  That we all get new toothbrushes so we don't get sick since we all just had a cold.  You also have been reading labels on food and choosing healthier options just because you learned about it in school!

I pray you continue to grow and learn, but don't let others change who you are. 

I guess I can count on you to keep me posted on all the new fads as your brothers grow up so I won't be "out of the loop" when one of them comes home talking about someone or something I have never heard of!   Love you buddy!

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