Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween: Transformer Style

This year for Halloween the boys were transformers. Jonah was Optimus Prime and Elijah was Bumblebee. They were adorable and it was so much fun to watch them trick-or-treating.
The weather was perfect (40's) with no wind. Their costumes were big enough that I was able to add a few layers underneath to make sure they were plenty warm while we walked around the block.
There weren't very many people out trick-or-treating and not very many home to trick-or-treat to. This worked out to our advantage as we were able to make it around the block once before the boys got too cold. We also headed up to the NICU to trick-or-treat to my co-workers. After their little baskets were full of candy, we headed to Ground Round for a nice meal together. Unfortunately we had very poor service, but we tried not to let this ruin our evening. After getting the boys home and to bed, Richard and I enjoyed an evening of scrabble, visiting, and treats with our friends Nate and Amy.

Overall it was a wonderful evening! It was fun to watch the boys enthralled with their "glow-sticks" and remember the endless hours my sisters and I spent playing with these after Halloween as well!


Cindy and company said...

Yea for no snow on a ND Halloween! I think that only happens once every one hundred years!!! The boys look mean formidable. Sounds like you had a wonderful time together. Check out our pics, too.

What a blessing you have been to both me and Shawn. She just loves it when you are working and I have such peace knowing that she is so well cared for by YOU! The pics you took of the boys are so great! Thanks for going above and beyond, Becky. To Him be the Glory! Love you.

Melissa @Simply Mel said...

Hi Becky
Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog post. I really appreciate them. Your story gives me a lot of hope since it sounds like you were in exactly the same position I am in! I am so glad I finally shared my story. I kinda wished I had done it sooner. It was definitely a pride thing,I guess. I don't want people pitying me or whatever you want to call it :o) You have a beautiful family. I'm so happy for you with baby #3. God bless you! I hope to hear more from you and I'll be checking back with you too.