Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

These are just a few of my favorite things recently...
  1. Feeling the boys snuggle up to me while reading a book and how they subconsciously link their arm with mine.
  2. Watching my belly grow!
  3. Taking naps whenever the boys do and not feeling guilty about it.
  4. What's even better is taking naps with them!
  5. Feeling hiccups and little kicks throughout the day.
  6. Snuggling up with my hubby in the evenings for a sweet treat or some delicious homemade popcorn before bed.
  7. Getting my belly kissed and sung to by two EXCITED big brothers!
  8. Hearing the boys talk about how much the will "help" with the new baby!
  9. My ultrasound date is getting closer and closer!
  10. Trying to picture this little perfect person (will he or she have brown eyes like Jonah? will he or she be a good little sleeper like Elijah was? will he or she look like me or Richard?)
  11. Enjoying the boys and our time together before a little one is added into the mix.
  12. Allowing God to shape and mold my heart to become a better mother and wife.
  13. Getting to wear pants and long sleeve shirts with the cooler weather arriving (I have the most cool weather maternity clothes)
  14. Having a husband who loves his job come home happy every day!

What simple pleasures in life have you been enjoying recently?

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