Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just playing around

Today the boys played in the backyard on the playset graciously given to us by some friends whose kids have outgrown it. The sun was shining, the wind wasn't blowing (a rarity in ND), and they played together for hours at the "park in our backyard" as it is now referred to!
It was so fun to watch them playing, it brought back many memories of my sisters and I playing in our backyard for hours. We played blind man's bluff, marco polo, and had shoe flicking contests. When I went out to snap some pics and witness all their "tricks" I mostly heard superheroes saving the world, brave nights rescuing a princess, and witnessed spider-man like moves. Quite impressive I might add!
Jonah reassured me this trick was safe and he was "really good at it" so not to worry!
Elijah might have some brain damage after hanging here and twisting his body as if he was being tortured in a deep dungeon. Somehow he thought it was fun and his giggles left the three of us almost in the grass (I say almost because I had to pee from laughing so hard and went inside). The laughing turned to crying when it was time for lunch and they had to come inside!
I pray they will have endless hours out here and allow their imaginations to continue to run wild. It will also sure come in handy next spring when we have a little one running the show again! I am again reminded at how precious this time is with my little boys at home. Thank you Lord for days such as these and I pray for many more!

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Cindy and company said...

Yea for a bright sunny day in ND! Great pics.