Thursday, November 12, 2009

24 weeks

Today we are 24 weeks! Our baby is over 12 inches long and is over a pound! It is a kicking, moving, flipping, and active machine.
This little one is by far the most active and I am loving it ;0) It is definitely one of my favorite times during pregnancy...when you are big enough to look pregnant and the baby is small enough to move all over. This little one just might be the most stubborn little Dafoe yet.

At my dr's appointment on wednesday my dr was able to witness firsthand our little one's stubbornness. After I had already shared with my dr. that this little one is already showing his or her true colors with a little bit of an attitude, it took her 5 minutes to hear the heartbeat. Not because something was wrong with the baby, but because the baby was either moving too much or kicking the dr as she tried to hear the heartbeat! It was hard to not laugh at it while she was doing this also.

I was able to hold a friend's baby today at MOPS who was actually a former patient of mine in the NICU. He is doing wonderful and is up to 9lbs (5lbs heavier than when I last saw him). It was so marvelous to hold him against my chest and try to remember the boys being that small. I am so looking forward to snuggling this little one up as soon as he or she makes the big debut!

I have been asked if I am having twins when people find out when I am due! I know I am a little big, but didn't think I was that big. I was measuring a little big at my last appointment, but so was the baby at our ultrasound. I think this one will just be even bigger than the boys (if that is possible). Either way, I am trying to be thankful for a big, healthy baby and not feel hurt by the comments about multiples. Most people don't believe me that there is only one in there. They repeatedly ask if I am sure, have I had an ultrasound yet, etc. Sometimes I just say well actually there are 3! That shuts them up!


Cindy and company said...

It never ceases to amaze me what kind of comments people make!!! My favorite is when i am out with all of the kids and someone has the nerve to ask, "Do they all have the same father?". Really people! Good of you to just let it roll off. NO ONE can steal your joy!!! And if it gets really bad just reply, "And when are you due?" That'll get 'em!

jamie said...

seriously people say the DUMBEST things- you should have heard what people said when i was pregnant with the twins! next time someone says that you should just start sharing your story.. "yeah i have 2 boys.. we got pregnant a few years ago and I had a miscarriage, it was a painful part of my life but i learned so much from God. So we have been praying for this baby for a LONG TIME.. so we are thankful." then they will SHUT UP. seriously- makes me tense!
love you- and you look AWESOME

Prachar family said...

Are they kidding??? You look tiny to me!! LOVE Cindy's retort, you will have to use that one!