Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nesting much?

This summer I had a list of things "to do" before #4 arrives and very few items were checked off the list.

Most of the things I wanted to do involved organizing, cleaning, purging, and sorting.

A task that made me hyperventilate just thinking about it!

The biggest job I wanted to tackle before baby comes was going through ALL the boy clothes we have and minimizing.  After 3 boys, we have accumulated way more than even one little boy would need. 

We also don't have enough room to keep everything.  So, for months I have been slowly going through closets and drawers when little "helpers" aren't around and making piles in the laundry room.

Finally, the piles were taking over our laundry room so I set out to tackle the biggest job (sorting 3T to 5T) and deciding what was worth keeping, what my hormonal self could part with, and what I could sell or donate. Whew! I started one night after the kids were in bed and 4 hours later I finished...

Everything is labeled, ready to be stored and used again?!? 

After doing this, I had mixed emotions about the sex of this next baby.  If it is a boy we are set! If it isn't a boy I am not sure I can part with these tubs of clothes that have so many memories of each boy exploring, growing, and just simply being adorable.  I also am hyperventilating thinking about where exactly we would have room for little girl things in this house!  Richard reassures me that if by some crazy chance this is a girl she would probably be a tom boy any way so I shouldn't worry about it. 

He also doesn't see why she couldn't just wear her big brother's clothes that are still in great shape.

I am 99.9% sure that if I were to ever have a girl 
she will be dressed in pink until she has her own opinion!

Then Richard helped me tackle a coat closet one night, our own closet, and I was able to organize a frequently used closet in the hall filled with games, colors, and other fun things. 

I have taken an embarrassing amount of clothes to the salvation army and was able to sell some items in a garage sale last weekend. Feels pretty good!

The last part of the project was Isaac's closet as I had sizes 12-24 months in there and needed to get out the 2T for him for this fall. 

My great friend Mollie came over and helped me tackle this last step...

I have officially made it through ALL the clothes and it feels amazing!

While I still have a few more smaller projects I wanted to finish I feel much better about this baby's rapidly approaching due date. 

What I really want to do is get out the newborn/3 month clothes and wash them up so they are ready.

They are just so small and cute and precious memories of each of our boys flood my hormonal mind as I touch them.  Can't believe the 3 big boys we have fit in these little clothes!

I am holding out for a few more weeks to do this so they smell fresh for #4, plus that means this baby really is coming soon!

I also have to wait until Jonah moves downstairs, Isaac moves into Elijah's room and the drawers are empty for baby clothes to fill them.

Now I need to take a break from nesting and rest up...at least for a week or two.

Too bad I am not motivated to finish the boys' baby books....they may or may not be pretty empty.

I have years to do that right?

Or I am sure I will have so much free time when baby #4 comes 
that I just won't know what to do with myself?  

I will be able to get them done then.  Or maybe some other time. We'll see.

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