Friday, September 23, 2011

"Mawn Mower"

Isaac continues to be fascinated with trucks, trains, cars, and machinery. 

He has probably been the most interested in these things of the 3 boys.

It is fun to hear him squeal with delight as we drive around town when we encounter a truck, or if he hears an airplane, train or siren when we are outside. 

Isaac also loves to mow the lawn.

He loves hearing and seeing lawn mowers, which he lovingly refers to as "mawn mowers" it is quite adorable and I am going to miss this stage. 

I had to get some pictures of him happily mowing our lawn the other day.

He wiped out at the park and skinned his nose! 

Poor little guy looks like rudolph.

It hasn't slowed him down though!

Isaac, you are so busy and keep me on my toes (literally) all day. 

I am sure loving your discoveries each day and watching your personality evolve.

I also am desperately holding onto these last few weeks of you as my baby.

I love you lots and think you are growing up too fast!

Love, Mommy

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