Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Tuesday was my 28th Birthday and it was a day filled with blessings.

I worked monday night and was able to begin the celebrating early with my fabulous co-workers and some delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. 

Then I was greeted by my wonderful hubby and 3 adorable boys who had made birthday waffles for me. Yummy!

I was also able to see my 1st birthday present from Richard and the boys...

A sweet clock for our porch!

I snuck in a quick 2 hour nap and headed to our 20 week ultrasound 
with Richard to see our fourth child moving and shaking and beautiful. 

We did not peek at the gender, but if you would like to make a guess off to the right, the heart rate has been 140, I feel the same, look the same, and can only imagine what it will be like as the mother of 4 BOYS or even the mother of 3 BOYS and 1 GIRL?????????

We were thankful to discover he or she is growing magnificently!

What a miracle and blessing!  Every time I have witnessed this I get all teary cry thinking of how blessed we are with 4 healthy children.  Now we just have to make it to a nice term delivery with this one!

The nice ultrasound tech gave us a very in depth description of the baby's anatomy after I told him I was a NICU nurse and would love nothing more than to see those beautiful little organs all present and accounted for!

This little turkey has some mighty big feet like his or her big brothers all had. 

The ultrasound tech told us he or she is very LONG too, which wasn't a big surprise to us.

The profile is very similar too!

This one is my favorite.
The baby has his or her lips puckered with a little hand right by the mouth.  

We were able to see the baby's mouth moving constantly as well as the arms and legs.

I guess at least this little one is aware of the 3 big brothers waiting for the big day!

Richard let me grab a quick 1 hour nap between the doctor's office and supper which was much appreciated!

We continued the celebration with supper at Paradiso (a local mexican restaurant) with my family and grandparents.  It was a blast!  Despite Isaac playing musical laps.

Next the party moved to our house for some Dairy Queen cake.

Jonah and my sister Laura are below partaking in the festivities. 
(We had a Luau themed party)

A monster truck cake is every girl's dream for their birthday right?

It sure made 2 little boys happy!

Me and my sister Laura.

All 3 sisters! 

We also celebrated father's day with my Grandpa.

The boys were excellent "helpers" when it came time for presents. 

Jonah and Elijah made sure I had 28 candles on the cake and also helped me blow them out.

Isaac was quite impatient while waiting for the best part...cake.

Wish I had gotten a picture of him "enjoying" it!

He definitely appreciates Dairy Queen cake, wonder where he got that from?

I felt loved by friends near and far as I received multiple text messages, emails, phone calls, and facebook notes wishing me well!

After a FULL day of celebration, literally, as June 21st is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, and I was awake for almost all of it...I couldn't stop smiling as I went to sleep thinking of all my birthday blessings.

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