Monday, June 20, 2011

A Weekend At Tulaby Lake

Last weekend we were able to spend some time at the lake and it was fabulous.

Isaac didn't remember being there from last year, so it was fun watching him explore everything. 
He LOVED it!  

The first night we had pizza.

Here are the boys enjoying it on the deck.

Isaac wasn't a big fan of his life jacket.

He LOVED the jet skis and fell asleep on the ride ;0)

I had these 2 crazies on one jet ski with me and Richard had Isaac on the other.

So adorable!

We all had so many s'mores we just might be s'mored out!


Jonah was taking professional s'more roasting lessons from Richard. 

Elijah preferred the get 'er done method: through it in the flame and eat it!

It was windy and chilly the second day, but we sure enjoyed snuggling!

Plus we enjoyed a fabulous fire all day!

The boys were introduced to Sherlock Holmes and loved it!

Their unborn baby brother or sister is now Watson.

Moments like this don't happen much any more.

Isaac kept the cabin tidy with his "bup bup"

Little too windy to grill so we had hot dogs and brats by fire. Yummy!

It was such a great weekend and so nice to spend some time together.

It was also so fun to watch the boys making memories there.

They know it so well already and it melts my heart to hear them reminiscing about past visits already.

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