Monday, June 13, 2011

Bup, Bup

Isaac continues to hold up to his namesake by providing our home with smiles and laughter.

Last week Richard and I lost track of time and I had to work at 7.

Spaghetti and frozen corn became the supper of choice. 

Quick, easy and a favorite of the boys.

We were all sitting down to eat and Richard and I were trying to have an adult conversation while dishing everyone up, supervising Isaac as he is "learning" to feed himself, and feed ourselves. 

Before I knew it, the big boys had both finished most of the food on their plates!

All of the sudden Isaac started laughing hysterically.

The kind where you tip your head back and giggle so much you might pee your pants.

Or maybe that just happens to me since I am pregnant and have, ahem, issues with this.

When I asked Isaac what was so funny he pointed across the table and continued to laugh and said, "Bup, Bup"

No one knows why, but Isaac refers to the vacuum as "Bup Bup"

He loves to vacuum and so I didnt think this was too unusual.

We were eating in the porch and their was a vacuum behind Jonah against the wall.

But, when I asked him if he was laughing at the vacuum he just kept laughing and pointing at Jonah.

Then I realized Jonah was sucking his corn up, with his mouth, and did sound like a vacuum!

When I asked Isaac if he thought Jonah was a vacuum he smiled and we realized this was in fact what was so funny to him.

Then he slapped his tray, through his head back and laughed even harder. 

In between giggles he covered his mouth with his hand and said, "Bup Bup" some more.

Then the rest of us laughed with him. 

I guess at 15 months old, he is not only adorable, but has a sense of humor!

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