Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Road Trip Summer 2012: Part 1

Last week our family I packed our suitcases, and we loaded up the suburban and headed on a fun filled road trip to Iowa where we lived for 8 years and moved from 4 years ago. 

It was overwhelmingly a bit stressful getting everything ready to go before we left, but we managed to pull away from our house only 3 hours after I had hoped we would leave ;0)

Since moving back 4 years ago, we have only all made the 12 hour trek back to Iowa once and Jonah and I were able to sneak back 3 years ago for a good friend's wedding I was in.

So for the sake of vacation, relaxation and keeping this momma sane, we broke the trip up and spent a night in Minneapolis both ways. 

ALL the kids did spectacular in the car and totally surprised me since they struggle to make it to Fargo without melting down normally!

What a blessing!!!!!!

Once we made it to the hotel, we did a little relaxing

and the boys went swimming....

while Olivia and I waited for a good friend of mine to come visit. 

She had worked in Grand Forks with me and moved away a few years ago. 

She graciously agreed to come to our hotel to visit and it was so wonderful to see her!

I was also able to meet her son Declan, who happens to be only a few days younger than Olivia!

Isn't he adorable?

Missy and I with our babies...

It was so fun to see her (and her hubby and son) and visit, even though it was short. 

Hopefully we can see each other again soon!

After swimming we spent the evening laying around the hotel room together watching the Olympics. 

We were able to watch a lot of Olympics on our vacation and it was sure fun to see the boys getting into it, learning about good sportsmanship from the athletes we watched and seeing them getting excited watching the US athletes participate. 

The next morning we filled up on waffles and delicious breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Mall of America (Richard's favorite part of the trip).

Olivia and I did a little shopping...

Apparently, shopping was a little much for Olivia...

She was fascinated with her reflection and her new "friend" having an entire conversation with herself, waving goodbye when we left and shrieking for joy when we returned again to try something else on!

 Richard took the boys and played on the rides and checked out Legoland.

He took all 3 boys on the Log Chute, which made momma bear a bit nervous, but Isaac LOVED it!

Richard didn't understand why I was leary of allowing our 2 year old to ride it just because he was tall enough, but I was proved wrong when he was super excited about it!

He loved it so much that they went another time!

The boys had been doing extra chores around the house to buy something from legoland and were thrilled with our time there. 

After a delicious lunch at noodles and company, we headed down to Des Moines for the next adventure on our vacation. 

The kids did remarkable in the car again, and our time with our friends in Des Moines was indescribably fabulous!

Tune in soon for another peek into the next leg of our journey!

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