Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Olympic 6th Birthday

Elijah had an Olympic themed birthday party this year!

During our trip to Iowa we were able to watch quite a bit of Olympics and the older boys really got into it.  On the way home from Iowa I realized his birthday was the next week and school started the week after. I also realized I worked the next 4 nights and would have to throw a birthday party together rather quickly!  

Thankfully my mom helped out by ordering some Olympic themed party supplies!

I was also able to find a party on pinterest with TONS of great ideas!

It was a bit stressful getting the house cleaned up and ready for the party, but we managed to get it done just in time! I owe a BIG thanks to my mom and sister laura who made the "uniforms" for me and came over that morning and helped out!!!!

Here is the porch all decorated for the party...

Each kiddo got a Team USA "uniform" (t-shirt), a star straw and flag as their souvenir. 

They also each had a name tag.

We had patriotic fruit: watermelon & blueberries.

Elijah was a little disappointed we had a medal for everyone since he wanted it to be like the real Olympics where there is just a gold, silver and bronze medal for each event.

I vetoed that plan explaining we would have a few tears from his friends if we did it like that and they most likely wouldn't be tears of joy!

Elijah thought he should get the most medals since it was his birthday and all.

Richard and I teased him that he was Michael Phelps.

He was quite pleased with that idea. 

Here is the awesome Olympic cake that my talented sister Laura decorated!

Olivia even joined in the Olympic spirit!

 Here is the crew minus 2 who weren't here yet...

We also had "olympic torch" treats (popcorn in ice cream cones)

Only, I didn't realize how small the ice cream cones were until minutes before the party began when I opened them.  Elijah was still excited to use them so we took a picture and ate them right away.

The kids did great with the "olympic games" we had planned.

We did a little archery...

Played a little soccer, ran sprints on the sidewalk, and their favorite was an obstacle course that we set up.  Each kid had to crawl through a tunnel, jump over a foam sword I held up, run around the tree, jump over the tunnel and shoot a basketball in the hoop as quickly as they could. 

Here is everyone waiting patiently for their turn...

Isaac demonstrating (then my battery I didn't get any more pictures of this)

After lunch Elijah wanted to open presents and was thrilled with the wonderful gifts he received.

 He was also quite excited for cake and ice cream. 

"Happy Birthday To You"

It was a great party and I think everyone had a blast! 

We are so thankful for the wonderful friends in our kids' lives!

   I am not sure how it feels like just yesterday I was holding you for the first time

And now you are 6 years old and starting Kindergarten in a few days!!!!!!

I am so proud of you and will miss playing legos, exploring parks, and being part of your imaginative play during the day!

I will also miss all your help with your little brother and sister during the day!

I am so thankful that God chose me to be your momma and I pray God will continue to help me as he shapes you into the young man he plans for you to be!

I pray your 6th year will be filled with lots of adventures, lots of learning, growing, and hopefully no more broken bones!

Love Your Momma

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