Friday, August 17, 2012

Nude in the neighborhood

Last night we were getting Olivia and the boys ready for bed and Richard took Isaac's diaper off, handed it to him and told him to throw it in the garbage, go pee, and come back to get his pjs on.

I was in Olivia's room and heard his little feet running into the other room and then we both heard the front door open????

Richard and I ran to the living room and watched as our nude 2 year old ran to throw the diaper in the garbage outside (most often we throw the diapers outside when they are stinky so he must have thought this is what Richard meant). 

Then we saw him come back from the side of the house where the garbage is and pause to pee in the grass.  Then he came scurrying into the house proud of himself for doing what he had been told and probably because he was able to do it in the nude!

We scanned the perimeter to make sure any neighbors hadn't witnessed our little nudist, and we congratulated him on obeying, but reminded him that he can't go outside nude.

Oh, life with boys! 

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