Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painted Piggies

Anyone who knows me well knows that my toenails are always painted. 

My boys even comment if it my toenail polish is coming off ;0)

Since having a daughter, I have been dreaming of doing fun girlie things with her as she grows up. 

One of these is painting our nails together.

I have many fun memories of having girlie time with my mom and sisters while painting our nails or having them painted. 

I found some kid friendly nail polish awhile ago and thought I would save it for Olivia's first birthday.

However, I repainted mine the other day and she noticed the sparkles and was fascinated with it.

I bought the Piggy Paint at Adley Annes (one of my favorite places to shop for baby things).

If you have never been you should check it out! 

I just couldn't resist so I decided to try painting hers. 

Jonah was very intrigued by this and took a few pictures of the process for me.

I was very impressed with how still Olivia sat while I did it. 
She watched very patiently as I painted each toenail and dried them with a hair dryer (per instructions on the bottle). 
Then, when we were done she babbled and shrieked with joy as she inspected them. 
It may have made me get a bit teary. 

Hopefully we will have many more girlie-nail-painting sessions!

Jonah enjoyed watching the whole process and even wanted his own toenails painted. 

While he has had them painted before, I decided I better wait until I can get a hold of a less feminine color before doing so. 

I guess we could have a family nail painting night! I am sure Richard would LOVE that!

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