Monday, December 6, 2010

Turning 6 twice

Jonah's birthday is December 29th.

While he is super excited for his big day to come, he was severely disappointed when he realized it will be over Christmas break!

Next to being the helper for the day, celebrating your birthday in school is a pretty big deal.

So, I convinced him it would be even better to celebrate it last week and it would really be like having 2 birthdays.

Well you can't bring any baked goods to school, everything must be purchased from the store.
(I think for sanitary reasons)

Jonah was disappointed by this, but decided we could just go order cookies instead of making them.

He wanted frosted sugar cookies with his name on each one ;0)

We headed to Target one day after school to order his cookies only to discover that Target only makes large individual cookies that are frosted. 

Or you can buy a GIANT chocolate chip cookie that is heavily frosted... that is what we did.

Jonah was very excited to share it with his class...not so excited to pose for this picture the morning he brought it!

His teacher thanked me after school for the treats and said she also took a picture of Jonah before cutting it up.  She said Jonah told her "my mom made me do that this morning!"

Oh, kids...

So Jonah turned 6 at school and has a few more days before he thinks he will turn 6 again at the end of the month.  At that time, I am told he would be ok with a real cake and some presents to celebrate!

Good to know.

Happy  First 6th Birthday to You Jonah!

I Love You!

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