Friday, December 10, 2010

Splashing it up

We took the boys to an indoor water park last night for the evening. 
It is a very fun place, but a bit pricey so we don't go very often.

However, I had a few free admission coupons that were going to expire and it sounded like a fun thing to do on a cold December evening.

During the school year they have a special called "Mommy and Me" swimming and offer an amazing deal Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am to1pm. It is $5 for mom and $2 for each child 4 and older. The boys and I have gone quite a few times and in fact, I took them a handful of times last spring when Isaac was so small. 

It is nice and warm inside and all the water rushing around provides a perfect white noise for a sleeping infant to enjoy.

So, it was especially fun taking Isaac for the first time when he was going to be enjoying the water and not sleeping.
He wasn't too sure about it at first, but quickly warmed up to it!

One of his favorite activities is taking a bath and splashing. So this was right up his alley!

Elijah rarely slowed down long enough for me to shoot a picture let alone remind him to walk!
We weren't sure if their swimming lessons made much of a difference, but I noticed they were both braver and would jump into the pool and go right under!  Elijah looked pretty rough by the end of the night, as he kept his eyes open every time.

I told him to close them, but he said he wouldn't be able to see if he did!

I don't think anyone stopped moving the whole time we were there...except when we ate Pizza.

Isaac checking out the water.

All 4 of my boys playing!

Too bad these two look nothing alike!

It's hard to see, but Jonah is under all this water!
There is a GIANT bucket that dumps water every 20 minutes or so.
A loud bell rings before it dumps warning everyone to get out of the way, 
or in Jonah's case to get under it!

Isaac enjoyed watching everyone else play, just about as much as he enjoyed playing himself.

Some good friends of ours joined us for some fun in the water.

We are going to have to meet there again!

This was Jonah giving me a thumbs up after the big bucket dropped!

Isaac and I even took a few trips on a tube around the park in the lazy river.

Sweet Claire enjoying the water too!

Double Trouble on the slide!

All smiles at the splash park!

We will have to check it out again sometime soon!

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Cindy and company said...

Yaaaay! Looks like fun. Glad you were able to enjoy it together.