Sunday, September 5, 2010

I wish...

With a nice long Holiday weekend ahead behind us, most people enjoyed a few days off from work. They maybe headed to the lake to say goodbye to summer.

Well, I spent the Holiday weekend working, but I was wishing I was still at the lake from last weekend...

feeding ducks at the lake
or watching my boys snuggling with their Auntie Laura
or getting ready to feed my baby his FIRST food (rice cereal)
and watching him feeling the cereal for the first time in his mouth
ready for more bites
Getting fed by his big brother

and Grandma

reading stories with Auntie Nikki making sand castles watching for fish
getting ready for a fire before bed
catching fish
making funny faces
more stories
addicting puzzles
watching my boys fishing
marveling at how big my boys are getting
learning how to make funny faces like Grandpa
trying to steal Grandpa's glasses
the addicting puzzle again...

I hope everyone had a great weekend, despite where they were. Now I will wish I was in bed sleeping instead of heading to work!

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