Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I spy

I Spy...

One boy who LOVES Kindergarten

A little brother who sure misses his big brother during school

3 little boys in our tub
(and more water on the floor than inside it)
One cute boy in a towel nice and warm (thanks Katy)
One big brother who has started "helping" with Isaac since Jonah's been at school
3 little boys who LOVE having their Auntie's so close
especially when they can do fun things like making cookies and going to movies together
One 6 month old who can sit by himself
and who doesn't quite know...
...what a cup is for?
One cute boy who is discovering what food tastes like
and one little tooth poking through!

What do you Spy?

1 comment:

Cindy and company said...

I spy one gooood mama! Love you, Beck.