Friday, September 24, 2010

The wrath of Mom

Our oldest son has a unique habit of making slightly obnoxious noises with his mouth.

Richard and I try to think positive about this quality and wonder if he will make millions some day doing special effects for movies.  Until then, I try to teach him when it is appropriate to make these noises and when it isn't.

It is also an excellent way for me to practice patience!

Yesterday he was sitting in the living room putting a puzzle together and I was in the kitchen making supper.  He often makes them when he is concentrating on something or simply wanting to annoy his little brother.  

He started making the noises and I realized while the noises were slightly annoying to me, they really weren't hurting anyone so I didn't say anything. 

Then he started forcing himself to burp.

Not just once, but multiple times.

Then Jonah started burping the alphabet!

While I will never fully understand the attraction of these noises to males, I can appreciate a "good burp" every now and then. 

However, I do believe that it is my job to help my boys understand that burping on purpose is not polite, regardless of the laughter that it can evoke from anyone nearby. 

So despite the giggles that erupted from both his little brothers, I kindly reminded him he needed to stop.

Jonah then told me, between burps, that he couldn't stop.

When I asked him why he said, "because aliens are making me do it, and you know how hard it is to stop an alien mom!"

Can't say I have ever heard that excuse before!

While I was impressed with his creative efforts to continue burping, I informed him that he had better inform his "alien friends" they would have to deal with me if they didn't stop!

After about 30 seconds of silence I heard him whisper: "You guys better stop or you'll have to deal mom!"

Miraculously the burping ceased!

Note to self: despite the little authority you feel you sometimes have over your apparently works on aliens.

Good to know.

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Eileen said...

hilarious!!!! FYI, just randomly came across your blog.