Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to MN Part 2

Trip to MN continued...

Friday June 19th we had the pleasure of spending the evening with Bill (Clint's dad), his brother Bob and son Josh. Bob and Josh are doing a cross country motorcycle trip from Virginia to California and back. Sweet huh? Bill joined them for part of the trip and was returning home to Iowa after stopping in MN. Richard got there Friday night as well. It was a marvelous time and after delicious chicken on the grill and root beer floats the adults were able to visit while the kiddos watched Transformers. One of the highlights of the day for Jonah was a little ride on Bill's motorcycle!

Jonah was so excited and can't wait until he can have another ride!

Saturday morning the cycling trio took off and the rest of us headed to the beautiful St. Croix River near Stillwater, MN. Katy's grandparents live in Stillwater and she grew up visiting this beautiful area and was gracious enough to be our tour guide for the day. We packed a picnic lunch and found a perfect spot to enjoy yet another beautiful day on the river.

Jonah checking out the scenery.

Jonah again by some sweet trees.

The boys checking out the water...

trying so hard not to get wet (that is Wisconsin on the other side).

Enjoying our lunch in the shade.

There was a sand bar and small island the "big boys" swam to and explored leaving Katy, Isaiah and I behind to enjoy the water.

We were able to get a group photo thanks to a sweet lady who happened to be strolling near by. (She was a woman after my own heart and snapped three pics not just one)

Katy and Isaiah enjoying the cool water.

After spending some great time relaxing in the river, we headed to a well known local ice cream shop for a "small cup" of ice cream. Luckily Katy instructed us to get a kiddie cone and not anything bigger.
Here is my "small cup" of ice cream!

A group shot outside the ice cream store.

Jonah getting ready to dive in. I was quite proud he almost finished it all! We all know where he got that gene!

Poor Elijah missed out on the ice cream adventure. Don't worry, Jonah made sure he was aware of this when he woke up!

After our "little" treat, we headed over to Katy's grandparents house and picked up her brother Paul who had driven up for a quick visit from Des Moines. We were blessed with Paul's friendship while we lived in Iowa City and are so thankful for the time we were able to spend with him. It was such a special treat to see him, even if it was for less than 24 hours. Thanks Paul! That night the guys enjoyed some fellowship together and Katy and I were able to enjoy some more wonderful time together and some great laughs (she had no idea I was a infomercial junkie) while we got ready for the big Father's day get together. It was bittersweet to say the least. I tried to just rejoice in the moment while it lasted and not think about how soon it would be over.

Paul and Isaiah.

There's more to be shared, but I must head to bed! Check back soon for the final leg of the trip. Good night!

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