Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Jonah

Dear Jonah,
I am writing to tell you how proud I am of you!  Our lives have been quite chaotic lately, so I have held off from writing this post, but no longer can I wait.  Almost a month ago (May 23rd), your dad taught you how to ride a "big boy bike" in only 3 days!  Our wonderful neighbors gave us Mackenzie's old bike (after making it more masculine with black spray paint) for you to use.  It is perfect!  Your dad decided to do this when I was busy helping get ready for Aunt Laura's graduation so I missed the first day trial run.  I was a nervous wreck initially and honestly wasn't so sure going straight from a tricycle to a bike, bypassing training wheels, was such a good idea for my 4 1/2 year old little guy.  
However, you and your dad have proven me wrong!  This milestone has been a tough one, but I am able to practice trust in the Lord and practice letting go.  I still get teary eyed watching you ride with your head held high beaming with confidence like you have done it for years.  You have had some great wipeouts since, but have gotten back up every time to try again.  You haven't complained about wearing your helmet (too much) which makes me breathe easier.  

We have been taking some family bike rides on the bike path and it has been so fun watching you become more and more comfortable riding by yourself!  I will always remember the first time we all went together and you rode from our house all the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Every time another pedestrian, whether on bike, foot, or rollerblade, came cruising by you flew into the grass and fell off your bike for fear of being run over!  The wide bike path was great to work on riding on the right side of the path while allowing others to pass!  You made it all the way though and have been riding your bike all over town with dad since!  

This past week you were able to start on your own and have conquered "coasting" and getting off by yourself also.  I am so proud of you son. I love you so much and hope you will remember this milestone as well.  Keep your chin up and keep up the excellent work!  I pray you are able to tackle life with the same enthusiasm you have when you are learning something new.  You will not regret this approach.  I pray that God uses this enthusiasm and confidence to bring glory to His kingdom.  Way to go little man! I am so proud of you!

Love always,
This wouldn't be complete without a few pictures...

Learning how to get going with the pedals just right!

  Day 2 of bike riding dad was already letting go!

***I will add some more recent pics soon***

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Cindy and company said...

Way to go, Jonah!!! Yehaw for you! And to you too, Becky. Letting go can be hard. But you wrote that out so well and it was so sincere. It brought tears to my eyes! I loved it.