Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's finally summer!

After a cool spring and missing good old Iowa weather (warm and sunny), we finally enjoyed a beautiful day up north yesterday!  I am not sure how warm it got (high 70s) but it was hot enough for the boys to run through the sprinkler and just enjoy the beautiful day.  Richard and I reflected on how great it was to be a kid in the summer.  We also informed the boys that this was as good as it gets: running through the freezing sprinkler, shivering on your beach towel in the freshly mowed grass, and giggling at just about everything.  

Jonah jumping over the sprinkler

Elijah jumping through the sprinkler

Just a couple of bathing beauties!

Here are a few more fun pics...

Toddler + sidewalk paint = quite a mess!

Good thing HE and his clothes are washable!

"Arrrren't they cute pirates?"

(more updates to come soon, but for now I must head to bed!)

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