Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If that title doesn't make you read a post I am not sure what will!  Today was a monumental day in the Dafoe house!  Elijah was getting dressed this morning (well actually I was getting him dressed), and he told me he had to pee so we ran into the bathroom to use the potty.  He was straining so hard "to make the potty come out" that I was afraid something else was going to come out so I asked if he wanted to sit down and try.  After getting him set up he immediately pooped and peed in the toilet!  I am so proud of him, but it was more fun to see how proud he was of himself!  I am not sure what to make of this because he doesn't really show me any other signs that he is ready to potty train.  I am not sure if I am brave enough to just throw him in some underwear for a day just to see how he does.  He did however have a repeat performance this evening during bath time. Both boys were in the tub playing and Jonah had to climb out to go. I heard Elijah calling my name and came in to find him in the bathroom pointing to little surprises in the tub!  He had told Richard he had to go potty too when Jonah climbed out, but Richard assumed he was just wanting to copy Jonah like everything else during the day.  Oh well! I guess we won't second guess him any more ;0)  

Weird how you can be so proud of your child for doing something so basic and natural to an adult!  It made me a little sad in a way because it is just another reminder of how he really isn't my baby any more!  He is getting more grown up every day! Which he does remind me of course! I got a couple of great pictures of this special day. I am sure he'll love them when he is 18.  If you need to hear more about it, give us a call...he loves telling the story.  Jonah was relatively easy to potty train and we were pretty spoiled by him.  I have had a fear that Elijah wouldn't be so easy. Partly because of his stubborn nature and partly because he isn't as bothered by being dirty like his big brother.  Only time will tell I suppose. For now, I will relish the first big step!

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