Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I apologize for being M.I.A. but we have had a busy couple of weeks! My sister Nikki has been home in between clinical rotations and I have been enjoying her company. We had a few bridal showers for her and Tom which was lots of fun! She leaves on Friday and I am not sure if the boys are going to be able to handle that! They are doing better, as far as adjustments go, but this will be tough on them.

Jonah has decided "he likes his new city" and even though he misses numerous things about Iowa City (His friends: Caleb, Lilly, Abigail and Josiah, The library and the park, the children's museum, the mall and the parks) he thinks he will "be ok here" because Grandma, Grandpa, Laura, Jake and Nikki are here. He is so cute! He and Elijah have been LOVING the space in our new house and re-discovering their toys that have also been M.I.A. for a few months.

Richard started school yesterday and has therefore officially entered the workforce! Maybe I can get him to share some of his own stories on here ;0) We are still unpacking, getting settled, and making our home our own. We love visitors so come on over if you are in the neighborhood! Work is going well for me, but I sure miss UIHC and my lovely coworkers! I am greatful for my time there but wish it could have been a little longer!

Well, I better get back to mommy duty! I will hopefully write more later, but wanted to just let everyone know that we are doing pretty well!

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