Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I am so blessed to have a wonderful Father on Earth and a Heavenly Father.  I wouldn't trade my dad for anything and have come to appreciate him even more as I learn and grow as a parent. Thanks Dad!  I love you!  I have enjoyed watching you as "bampa" also and can hardly wait to watch your relationship with the boys grow!

Richard, you are such a wonderful Father also and I have been blessed over the past 3 1/2 years watching you grow and become the Father God desires you to be.  You are an amazing father to our boys and I love watching you with them. They adore you and want to be just like you and I pray they will grow to be wonderful men in the Lord as you are.  If I could attempt to bottle up a few memories for our boys about your relationship with them, these are just a few I would hope to save...
  • The endless hours spent building cool train tracks, garages with blocks, forts with the furniture, and reading books together
  • The countless trips to the park for the morning/day via bike where I am sure you were always safe and never did anything that would make me nervous
  • The "boys only" nights you spent together when I was working watching a movie, eating popcorn, or going for an adventure down to the creek to throw rocks and check out the beaver's dam.
  • The love you have modeled through discipline and firm boundaries
  • The patience you have modeled and encouraged me to work on!
  • The way you are able to step back and allow them to just be boys climbing, exploring, jumping, and wrestling
  • The way you are able to answer every question they have so precisely and accurately that I am left speechless when you are done
  • The way you love and respect me
  • How you would do anything and lay your life down for them if you had to
Jonah and Elijah are truly blessed to have you as  Father and we hope you know how special you are to us!  Happy Father's Day Richard ;0)

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Richard and Becky said...

With tears on my cheeks, thank you, Rebecca. Thank you for encouraging me to continue to grow into the father and husband God will have me be.