Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Grown Up

Hmmm...interesting title I know...,but this is how I feel. All grown up. Richard and I are homeowners! We spent a week in Grand Forks, with a wonderful realtor, Chris Horn, who patiently showed us a ton of homes and allowed us to hmm and haw over them. We fell in love with one, made an offer and it wasn't accepted. We were disappointed, but trusted the Lord had a plan for us. Then our realtor called about a house going on the market the day before we headed back to Iowa. We were able to sneak in the night before it listed, loved it, made an offer, and found out the next day it was accepted. We had it inspected, met with the bank, and headed back to Iowa for another 6 weeks. We are excited to make the home our own! It definitely gives us new motivation to pack, throw, and give away things we don't need. I'll post pictures soon! The address is 502 27th Ave S in Grand Forks, ND and we are about 10 minutes from my parents. Thanks to those who prayed with us as we made this major decision and thanks to the Lord for blessing us so abundantly!

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