Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inside Jonah's Outside

Summer is flying by.

I am enjoying having everyone home, but I feel like they are growing up even faster!

I also feel like I am unable to keep up on the housework, laundry and keeping the fridge and cupboards full!  I am afraid this is only a glimpse into my near future with a house full of boys!

Along with feeling behind in every aspect of my life I also am WAY behind in blogging. 

So just to keep our summer exciting,  Jonah joined the broken bone club.

He was hurdling a bush in my parents backyard and ended up with a broken collar bone rather than landing on his feet.

The worst part was I had just pulled into the mall in Fargo with my mom, sister Nikki and Olivia for a ladies day of shopping and fun.

Richard called to see if there was a clinic he could take him to or if the ER would be the only route.

I offered to turn around and come home, but he insisted we stay and he could handle it.

So he went through the McDonalds drive thru grabbing lunch for the 3 boys and headed to urgent care to be seen.

While we (my mom, sister and myself) frantically were searching for someone in Grand Forks who would graciously give up part of their Saturday.

My sister's sister-in-law, Maggie saved the day!

She was sweet enough to drive to the ER, pick up the little 2 and take them back to our house until Richard and Jonah were done.

After waiting an exceptionally LONG time for an xray, it was confirmed that Jonah had a broken collar bone.

After being given a sling for his arm, they headed home to rest.

He has been struggling with his inability to do anything physical and his brothers have been struggling with keeping their hands off of him and continue to legitimately accidentally bump, push, or pull on his bad arm....which unfortunately happens to be his left.

And, he happens to be left handed.

Poor guy.

He has been a good sport and is doing well eating with his right hand and doing most everything with just one hand.

We are praying it heals quickly as he is bummed for missing out on fun summer activities like t-ball, swimming, and just being a kid.

In the grand scheme of things, this is rather minor, but still a bummer.

Welcome to the broken bone club Jonah, I am sure it won't be your last one!

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