Saturday, June 16, 2012

I ❤ 2 Year Olds

We recently had our family's pictures taken by my good friend Stacey Rygh.

She is very talented and has been taking our pictures for the past 3 years.  I LOVE how she is always able to capture the craziness of our family and that they are so real.

I have only seen a few pics, but I am in LOVE with them!

We went urban this time and were in front of a random super fun blue building and downtown and they are AMAZING!  You can see the preview here.

During the photo shoot she was asking us about Isaac's personality...and it got me to thinking about him.  He is a limit pusher, a dare devil, independent, a comedy show, and on more than one occasion has made me feel like a novice mom. (Not that I claim to be an expert on motherhood, but after a few years of experience there is a bit of confidence that builds helping you with future children).

Isaac pulls the little bit of confidence that I may have had right under me on a daily basis. 

He challenges me to practice deep breathing, patience, and to "embrace the craziness" as Richard always encourages me to do. 

So this got me to thinking about Isaac and how I daily pray for God's wisdom and guidance while encountering specific "toddler" situations as he explores his world. 

He is so stinking cute and is often innocently getting himself into trouble. 

As the kids get older and enter into a new stage I find myself loving the next stage more than the previous one. I am not sure that I have ever enjoyed year of the twos as much as the other stages. 

When I am frustrated with Isaac, I will often say I love 2 year olds instead allowing other choice phrases to slip out of my mouth. Of course, there may be a tad bit of sarcasm in my voice while doing this!

So I though I could share a few incriminating pictures of my favorite 2 year old... 

I ❤ 2 Year Olds...
who think they should read books instead of napping.

I heard him talking in his room when he was supposed to be napping and I found him sitting on his bookshelf, behind the shade because it was so dark, reading a book. 

I ❤ 2 Year Olds...
who try to go potty by themselves and realize while they are peeing they have to poop and leave a small trail of poop on their way to excitedly tell me about the poop.

I also  ❤ lysol wipes.

I ❤ 2 Year Olds...
who unfold a whole basket of laundry looking for some socks...

I ❤ 2 Year Olds...
who sample the watermelon I was in the process of cutting up and had to leave unattended for a few minutes. 

I ❤ 2 Year Olds...
who help themselves to a snack after asking their mom to get it for them and she told him he would have to wait until she was done feeding his sister.

I ❤ 2 Year Olds...
who want to go for a bike ride or a walk when it's time for nap and climb into the bike trailer and hide from their mom who was changing their little sister's diaper. 

notice the precious basketball that is also in the bike trailer that was not allowed to be in bed for naptime since it is a bit of a distraction. 

Who else  ❤  2 Year Olds?

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