Monday, October 10, 2011

Just going to run a quick marathon before giving birth

Here is my 36 week shot!
Getting so excited for this little one to come and while I feel like I am running a marathon daily trying to get everything washed, organized, cleaned, keeping everyone happy and healthy to get ready to bring another little one into this world...I am can't say I am going to literally run a marathon before giving birth like the lady in the article below!

She is amazing! I do happen to know a handful of crazy running momma's who have ran well into their pregnancies and run 1/2 marathons, but none of them right before delivering!

What a story! 

Sorry Bruce the deuce, while I pray for an exciting birth story for you that involved you coming into this world safe and healthy, it will unfortunately not involve me running 26.2 miles before. 

You may have noticed the intensity has increased around our house as we are calmly frantically preparing for your arrival, please wait just a little longer...I am almost done nesting...well maybe?

Are you ever really totally ready for a baby?


We will see you soon baby!

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Cindy and company said...

That wasn't nice. I totally thought I would find that you went into labor shortly after Richard returned home from his amazing run. I was so excited. Sigh. Still waiting....