Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Baby Are?"

More baby items appear daily in our house as we prepare for Bruce the Deuce.

Everyone is becoming so excited and the boys ask daily when the baby is coming.

If only we knew!

Why is it so hard to patiently wait for something God has perfectly planned? 

I am taking it one day at a time. 

If this baby takes much longer our house will be as clean and organized as it has ever been!

Yesterday I attacked a closet in the hall and the drawers in the bathroom and before I knew it I had 2 garbage bags of junk and some nice organized shelves and drawers. 

Poor Isaac has been a bit confused as we talk about the baby coming.

When he is looking for something or someone he will say "Baby are?" as in (where is the baby or where are you).

So the more we talk about it and the more we get ready he walks around the house with his hands up saying "Baby are? baby are?" and when we try to explain to him the baby is still in my tummy but is coming soon. He runs to the door yelling "coming" and opens it thinking the baby will be at the door. 

It is so adorable!

So, while we keep waiting we are doing everything we can to get ready. 

Like practicing diaper changing...

putting together a swing...

patiently waiting...

38 weeks and we are so close...

emailing friends and family letting them know we are still pregnant...

getting out the baby gear...

making sure the carseat is ready and blankets are washed...

Dearest Bruce the Deuce, 

       Your daddy, brothers, and everyone else for that matter, are ecstatic to meet you! While I realize it is nice and cozy in there, we are anxiously waiting to snuggle you up.  Thank you for waiting until today so your daddy can coach state cross country and not be worried about missing something he has worked so hard for.  However, state is today, so anytime after 6pm tonight works for us!

       You have 3 wonderful big brothers who will most likely fight over you for awhile.  I have a feeling I will only get to hold you during meal times. We are praying you arrive safely and are so blessed to have you joining our family soon.  We are also so thankful God has kept you safe these past 20 weeks while the contractions have challenged my fears and faith! 

      We are ready when you are little one!  Dreaming about holding you close and loving you up!


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