Friday, October 15, 2010

The Red Runners

Last weekend we went to Fargo to cheer on the Red River Roughriders at the 
Cross Country conference meet.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and it was fun to watch the teams running and support Richard.

It is hard to believe this is only his 2nd season of coaching.

To say he enjoys it, is an understatement.

The middle school and high school runners become his 2nd family, and he loves spending time with a whole bunch of kids who are just as crazy about running as he is.

Now, being the wife of a coach is no easy task.

 It means long days, short weekends, and the overwhelming task of keeping the house running, kids happy and healthy, and yourself sane while your spouse is absent most of the time.

Coaching also doesn't pay very well, so you certainly have to LOVE it to do it.

You also really have to LOVE your husband to agree that coaching is a good idea.

Or crazy.

I think I fall into the love category...well at least most of the time.

However, it has been pretty special watching these guys and gals improve throughout the season.

It has also been fun watching our own boys get so excited about the races and going out to support their Dad and his "Red Runners" (as they refer to them).

They are already talking about being the fastest runner for daddy when they grow up!

Running around the course cheering for the runners is also an excellent way to tire out a few boys I know who happen to have more than enough energy!

We even get my parents and sisters out to support the team!

We have become invested in Red River Cross country and I am very glad.

It has been so rewarding to watch Richard do something he loves, and to do it so well.

He works so hard all season guiding the runners to become as successful on the course as they can.

I know he enjoys seeing them succeed as runners just as much as he enjoys watching them mature off the course as they are learning how to navigate the world before becoming adults.

Last weekend the Riders had a great day on the course, and Richard also received a very special award.

Co-coach of the year!

This award is one that is voted on by the other cross country coaches in the state.

We are pretty proud of him and we hope he knows it!

Way to go Coach Dafoe! 

We Love You and are looking forward to cheering on the "Red Runners" at State next weekend!

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Cindy and company said...

Congratulations, Richard!! Congratulations to you, too, Becky! I know that it takes the determination, teamwork, and love of both of you to accomplish this goal. Way to go, team!