Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7 months old

This post is just a little late...but better late than never right?

My baby is 7 months old!

(He weighed 19lbs 3 oz and was 29 1/2 inches long at his 6 month check)

He is wearing 12-18 month clothes! Our biggest boy yet!

His hair is still strawberry blonde and he still has bright blue eyes.

He also still melts my heart

He continues to be a very sweet, happy, & loveable baby.

Who continues to surprise us...like crawling for the first time on his 7 month birthday! Eeek!

He has adjusted well to being in a house with 2 big brothers...

He is very curious and has unfortunately discovered our plants.
(they have been relocated in effort to protect and save them)

He still adores BOTH of his big brothers, but now that Jonah is in school I have seen him softening up Elijah's heart.  I am curious to see how their relationship unfolds!
(this may be one of the few pictures I have of these 2 together...I think the superhero shirt helped)

He figured out "So Big" and loves to make us all laugh, smile and cheer when he does it.


      I still can't believe you have already been with us for 7 months!  You are so precious and you have lived up to your name and provided our home with lots of laughter.  I am so often reminded of the miracle of life when I see you so healthy and strong.  Hard to imagine you could have been so small and sick when you were born, but He had another plan for you!

     I am afraid you are going to be hard for me to say no to!  You are just so sweet, it is tough to be upset with you at all!

Here are some more fun facts about you these days...
  • You continue to be a great sleeper.  (You also seem to know when mom is home...when I am at work you sleep all night for your Daddy) You sleep most of the night, take 2-3 good naps during the day.  You also rarely wake up without a big smile on your face. 
  • You don't really care for eating solids.  You prefer to breastfeed or have a bottle.  I am praying you are holding out for the real deal and possibly just boycotting that mushy baby stuff!
  • You love to be outside.  The weather has been unusually warm so we have been able to squeeze in some extra time out there and a few extra walks.
  • You already have your 2 front, bottom teeth.  Getting them was possibly one of the few times you were a "difficult" baby!
  • You are very interested in what your big brothers are doing, and this has recently become a problem for them.  They aren't quite ready for you to be into "their stuff" but maybe they will pick up a little better now that you are mobile!  One can frequently hear "No Isaac...Not for you!" or "Mooooommmmm, Isaac is breaking my_____ or ruining my _____!"
  • Speaking of being mobile...you are definitely that.  I have tried to slow you down, but you are persistently showing me it isn't my decision. When you see something you want, there is not much we can do to stop you. You are pretty sneaky, but I have seen you trying to pull up on things and I am not a fan!
  • You still like your pacifier, but really only for nap and bedtime.
  • You have started to "snuggle" with your blankie at night.  You pull the end up to your face with both hands on it and touch it to your nose.  Then you rub it in your fingers. You also like to sleep on  your side in the shape of an L.
  • You still LOVE your bath and scream when it's time to get out!
  • You may have inherited your dad's love for cleaning as you are fascinated by the washer, dryer, broom, and vacuum! 
  • You are quite vocal and make lots of fun noises during the day.  I also enjoy hearing you wake up from sleeping.  You often will "talk" to yourself in your crib for quite awhile before I come and get you. 
  • You really only fuss when you are hungry or tired.
  • You just had your 2nd haircut!
  • Clapping your hands is a new trick you just learned and it has been fun watching you figure it out!
  • You get very excited when you see your Daddy, myself, big brothers, grandma, grandpa, Aunties or Uncle Tom. It is so fun to be so close to them and see you recognizing them!
We are truly blessed by you!  You were worth the wait little man.  I am having a hard time with you growing up so fast, but am enjoying each time you discover something new.  We love you lots & are so thankful for you!

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Cindy and company said...

Yay!!! Happy day! Love the strawberry hair. I bet those big blue eyes just melt your heart. Don't know what to tell you about the crawling thing. Try duct tape.