Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot

My extremely talented friend Stacey Rygh took our pictures again. 

I LOVE her work for many reasons, but mostly because they are real. She captures real life moments, not ones that are fake and strained.  These pictures are an excellent documentation of what life is really like these days. Thanks Stace!

 Despite the mosquitoes just about eating us alive, a little rain, and some grumpy boys who don't like their picture taken, I think they turned out FABULOUS!   Hey, don't take my word for it, see for yourself...

My 3 Sons

How accurate is this shot?  Are my big boys ever not making super hero moves?

This one is my absolute favorite. 
A: Because everyone is looking at the camera
B: It shows just a bit of everyone's personality
C: Elijah is holding a stick (he is rarely seen outside without one)
D: It made me tear up with thankfulness. Man I love those boys!

Yes, this is my 7 month old baby who is trying so hard to be a BIG boy like his brothers!
But, while he is making every effort to become mobile, I am making every effort to restrain him.

Hmm...this one could be titled: ENERGY (something we definitely do not lack at our house)
Me and my boys

Thank you Lord for these 3 precious gifts!

I will have to post more later. 
Someone gets grumpy when my posts are too long.

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