Monday, August 4, 2008

We're done!

Can't believe it, but we are done painting! Everything looks so nice and I can't wait to move in. We are still finding things left and right that we would love to change of course, but our nurse and teacher salary doesn't quite provide the means for a complete remodel. Hopefully we can start moving stuff in this week slowly but surely. Our new neighbors are probably wondering if we are ever moving in!

We are praying for a cool/dry day so we can open up the windows and air it out a bit. We have had to keep the house all closed up to help dry the walls faster and keep it cool since it has been unusually warm and humid up here. It definitely smells like paint and fumes in our house! Every day when we get to our new house and Elijah walks in he waves his hand in front of his face and says it stinks :0) It was so fun to watch Jonah "help" us paint. He was so proud and so excited to be involved in the process. He commented quite frequently on how nice of a job he was doing and loved us all to comment. We also let the boys put their hand prints in their closet (great idea Amy) and they turned out pretty cute! They aren't perfect, but that makes them even cuter! Richard thought maybe we should do this every year on their birthday to watch the growth.

Here are their hands in the closet...guess who is who?

Here are some fun pictures from the almost finished rooms! (We have a few rooms with tape up still for touch ups and no molding (spelling?) of course but they still look pretty nice!)

Jonah was first...We had to try again and paint over the first one

Elijah was next and we had to try twice too!

The boys' almost finished room and the dining room almost finished

Our bedroom and looking down the hall from our room!

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Adam and Lindz said...

Hey guys! I just found your blog and it's really neat. I am so proud of you and your new house, I can't wait to see it and everyone when we come home next!