Monday, August 11, 2008

All by ourselves...

If I could sing you a song it would be "All by ourselves...we are living in our new house all by ourselves!" Last night was the first night in our new house and it was quite an adventure! We all survived and will try again tonight but it sure felt great ;0) I will write more later but just wanted to add this.

***We also were able to go away for the weekend (Richard and I) and spend a WONDERFUL, well deserved time with our great friends Clint and Katy in Des Moines where we helped another couple of friends celebrate their wedding day! (For the record this was the first time I was away from my boys for more than 18 hours and defnititely the farthest away from them also! I only cried a few times, which I will share later in a blog dedicated to the wonderful trip, and had a blast)***

More pictures to come soon! Back to unpacking for now though!

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