Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mystery Solved

I love playing detective.

Lately we have had a mystery to solve in our house.

The mystery of the disappearing toilet paper...


It had been going on for a few weeks and I wasn't too concerned, but quite curious.

Mostly because our boys have always had a certain...uh...appreciation for toilet paper.

Here is one of Jonah's first encounters with the soft, white stuff...

He was kind enough to share his love for the necessary product with his little brother
Unfortunately, Richard and I discovered the toilet paper unraveling crew a little too late.

Fortunately, we were able to salvage most of the 24 rolls that had been used as streamers in our basement in Iowa.

What's not to love about it? Really?


Jonah has been wiping himself after he uses the bathroom for quite some time now.

It is fabulous to have one less butt to wipe!

It is also fun to see him being even more independent.

Without sharing too many details with you, I have caught him on more than one occasion with excessive amounts of toilet paper in the toilet after he had a successful visit to the John.

Funny how I didn't consider this when our toilet became non-functioning the other day.

It just wouldn't flush.

I waited for Richard to get home after I unsuccessfully plunged away.

After Richard didn't have any more luck than myself, we threw in the towel and called a plumber.

$70 later the plumber was able to solve the mystery for us.

After a few grueling hours of using an industrial snake, he discovered a GIANT wad of toilet paper & baby wipes!

Needless to say we have had many discussions about how less is more with our little men.

Now that this mystery is solved, Sherlock Becky is moving on to other pressing mysteries like why doesn't the laundry just wash itself, or how do two little boys make such BIG messes?

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