Friday, April 19, 2013

The difference between #1 and #2...

While I do have a household of boys, and I wish I could say our house wasn't filled with armpit farts, abc's being burped and excited yells from the bathroom to check out ____, that would be a lie.

The good news is this post isn't about anything related to the bathroom...
but a few differences between our firstborn and our second born.

The boys excitedly ran into the house today with school pictures in their hand. 

Well actually Jonah was excited and Elijah was crying because he had ran the last stretch of their walk home from school with only one shoe on because his shoe had gotten stuck in a snow bank and thus filled with snow when he pulled his foot out of it. 

Rather than dump out the snow, he decided it would be smartest to run home with one shoe on and one shoe off since they were so close!

So after recovering from a very cold foot, Elijah was also excited to show me his pictures.

If you are confused right now I will explain that the schools in town have fall school pictures taken and then again in the spring. 

Not sure why this happens except to target suckers like myself and my kids. 

The spring photos come with your kid in front of a fake background on cool magnets, key chains, and other random things that Grandmas like to have in their house. 

Before you get too worried, know that I have never purchased the spring photos.  

It was a bit difficult to do this when Jonah was in Kindergarten because the sentimental Becky felt like she might be throwing away a piece of her child by not purchasing them.

Then the realistic Becky smacked her face a few times and welcomed her back to reality, reminding her that Richard would be far from impressed if I spent money on these and that mommarazzi Becky takes 999 pictures with her cell phone on a daily basis so their lives are documented pretty well. 

Since I have never intended on purchasing these the date of the picture taking misses my momdar (mom radar for important things). When they come home I peek at them and simply send them back to school with the kids.  I am not sure what happens to them at this point. 

Maybe they sell them to sentimental mommas of other kids who can't hear their rational self telling them no???

So back to my story, and the difference between our first child and our second!

 Jonah (first child)carefully pulled his unwrinkled, perfect pictures out of his backpack and carefully laid them on the table for me to marvel at his handsomeness.  He also proudly shared that the day of picture taking he was wearing a grubby black shirt and he figured I would be sad he wasn't wearing something nicer so he turned it backwards for the picture! He told me he had on "nice sweatpants" so he thought I would be okay with his pants. He also had tattoos all over his arms and turned them just right so only a few were visible.

The smile on his face and excitement in his voice reminded me of myself and how similar we are.

Jonah continued with a pretty good case as to why we should purchase them and how much he liked them.

Then Elijah (second child) reached into his backpack, grabbing his crumpled, wet and slightly damaged school pictures and threw them down proudly on the table.

I smiled once again because this sweet boy was wearing a worn out shirt that was too small with mismatching windpants that had seen too many days, were too short and had no more wear left in the knee. His arms were also covered with tattoos that he did not try to hide!

The best part was he had a huge smile on his face (which is abnormal for this boy when asked to smile on demand).

He had been smirking while Jonah explained how thoughtful he had been during his photo session so I was quite anxious to see Elijah's pictures. 

Once I had seen them, I glanced up to see him beaming. I asked him what he was smiling about and he explained that he knew I wouldn't buy the pictures so he didn't try to hide his "sweet tats" and was happy he didn't have to wear "dumb jeans and a nice shirt" like he has to for the fall.  He said, "isn't it sweet that I was wearing that? You would NEVER let me wear that on picture day!"

Jonah continued his plea to purchase the pictures a few more minutes while I listened and just smiled. 

Elijah gently placed a hand on Jonah's shoulder and told him he should just stop. He said, "mom isn't buying them, she never does and never will so let's just go play."

They both placed their pictures back in their bags and took off downstairs to play. 

Sentimental Becky didn't want to forget this sweet moment in which my oldest boys who are 20 months apart, yet so similar in size and looks that they are mistaken for twins, have such different personalities!

I LOVE these little conversations we have and moments together in which I get to see their personalities come out and learn just a little more about them.

Makes me excited for summer break and more time together so I can learn more about the difference between #1 and #2.

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