Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrating Our Little Lady

We celebrated our Little Lady's first birthday a few Sundays ago. 

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of smiles, laughs, pictures and a few tears. 

She even took the cake that day by taking her first steps!

We feel truly blessed by this sweet little lady and love her to pieces. 

She has been taking her time talking, walking and moving quickly. 

Of her limited vocabulary, she tries to say each of her brothers names and tries to say "boys" after I yell it downstairs or into the other room to get their attention. 

So sweet!

Olivia had her one year check up and she is definitely the smallest one year old of our crew.
She remains a peanut at 19lbs 5oz (fully dressed and with a clip in her hair) and 30 1/2 inches long. This puts her in the 90th percentile for height and only the 25th for weight.  Our boys haven't ever been below the 99th percentile for height and I am pretty sure they haven't ever been below the 50th percentile for weight either ;0)

Just out of curiosity I peeked at Isaac's one year stats (who was our biggest one year old): he was 25 lbs 13 oz and 32 1/2 inches long!
No wonder she seems so small still!

My parents graciously allowed us to host the party at their house as they have more room than us. 
Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Here are a few pics from the party...

Pink Peanut Butter Hug cookies....they were quite good. 
I found the recipe here.

I found the balloons on amazon for a ridiculous steal..

The boys helped me create this 3D #1 out of a diaper box and we I wrapped it with pink zebra wrapping paper I was using for her presents

The crown was a foam sparkly craft in the $1 at Michaels and I added a fluffy accessory and a zebra #1 I cut out of zebra cardstock.

The banner was the inspiration for the zebra/pink party because I found it at Target on sale for $2 a month prior to her birthday when I was trying to decide on a "theme" that wasn't princess or obnoxiously pink (per a family members' request).

I printed the monthly pics I had taken of her and attached them to it.

This picture frame was from Gordmans and was a result of a credit I had to the store and jumped into my cart when I passed it by a few days before her birthday!

I ordered her cake from O' For Heaven's Cakes rather than stressing about making one. 
Richard was out of town the whole weekend prior to her party for state Cross Country and I knew it would be too much to try get ready for the party and make her cake. 

It was a cupcake cake and it was delicious!
Chocolate, chocolate chip (Jonah and Elijah helped me order it) with the real frosting!

The best part was it came with a free "smash cake" that matched!

Here is the party girl with her biggest brother!

GGP (Great Grandpa Tony), Jonah and Miss Olivia

Great Grandma Sharon, Miss Liv and Jonah

Our good friends the Fialas joined us for the party.

Tom, Nikki, Liv and baby ???

Auntie Laura and Miss Liv

I used the second zebra banner and made a sign for her high chair with some glittery letters I had at home.  I put her in the chair before the party got going to make sure I got a picture as the sign was a bit unpredictable and I didn't know if all the letters would hold up!

She put up a #1 as I was snapping the picture per coaching of her big brothers!

We had sloppy joes, fruit and chips. So yummy!

Olivia really enjoyed opening her presents and it was so fun to watch her reaction.

Now we have a few girly things for her to play with!

Isaac has been enjoying playing with her. 

We attempted to get one family picture before she got into the cake and this one turned out the best...

Isaac was VERY excited for this part, as he had been practicing for quite some time!

She thought it was pretty fun to have us sing to her too.

The boys were VERY excited to have her finally be 1 as they said their friends had a hard time understanding that you could be zero for 12 months!

When it was time for cake she got right down to business...

She thoroughly enjoyed the frosting and was unimpressed with the actual cake.

The lighting is poor in this picture but I love her smile...

She might have enjoyed her cake more than all three of her brothers...

After she was cleaned up she had to put on her next birthday shirt (I found 3 of them for next to nothing after she was born last year and have been excited for her to wear them).

Me and my little lady!

Daddy and his princess! 

Overall it was such a wonderful day celebrating!  Everything went so well and we were all able to enjoy the time together and it was pretty relaxed!  Olivia seemed to really enjoy herself and the boys were just as excited for her birthday as she was. 

It was a pretty sweet day and so fun that she took her first steps that day too!

A few that morning at church, a few during her party and a few more when we got home that evening. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Tawnya W said...

Love it all:-)

Prachar family said...

Love your update and the celebration of your pecious gift! My girlie never got fat like her brothers did either. She is still a peanut compared to them (weight wise anyway)! Love your decorations and especially love the photo banner you made. Very inspiring!